“. . . a test of logistics, stamina”

June 23, 1995

The June 23 potluck at the Lodge was attended by 45 members and guests. Michael Cooper showed slides of his treks with two companions into Joshua Tree State Park and seven days in the Anza Borrego State Park that were a test of logistics as well as stamina!

As there is no water to be found in these areas, the treks were divided into three-day segments between caches of water and food; 70-lb. backpacks were carried.

A temperature of 30–40° and 25–40 mph winds prevailed during the mid-January trip to Joshua Tree. The mid-February trip the following year was a shirt-sleeve and shorts trek which often required finding their way through boulder-strewn trails.

They encountered no rattlesnakes or scorpions . . . but were “attacked” by the Jumping Choya cactus.

A visual treat Michael spoke about were the fields of Century plant bracts (they had bloomed about nine months earlier) that appeared as giant torches.

All in all, these trips were quite a contrast to trekking through old growth forests!

Bep Fontana

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