McManigals tour Iceland by pony

March 24, 1995

At the well-attended March 24 potluck at the Lodge, Kevin and Margaret McManigal shared many details of their recent trip to Iceland. They spent the first week riding Icelandic ponies on a 100-mile guided tour in the center of the island. Margaret loves horses, while Kevin had a few humorous comments about horseback riding (he fell off several times!!). After the equine tour, they traveled by bus for several weeks, sightseeing and hiking. Their program featured the terrain, the weather and the history of Iceland. Highlights were the slides of the ice caps, the fjords and the countryside.

We thank Kevin and Margaret for taking time in their busy schedule to drive down from Lake Oswego for this fascinating presentation.


For every Potluck there are people who give their time and energy to:

  • Work on the Lodge grounds.
  • Decorate tables and start the coffee.
  • Set up tables and sweep the floor.
  • Wash tables and dishes.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Close up the Lodge (a lonely job!)

The Entertainments Committee appreciate the people who raised their hands at the Potluck to help out with the kitchen work. Thank you.

Jan Baker Jacobsen

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