Summer’s end Picnic

September 7, 1995

The weather was a question when 27 Obsidians and their friends left SEHS for Ten-Mile Lake. There are actually two lakes joined by a man-made channel. Our route was via Drain and we saw many elk, all east of the official overlook. We passed through Reedsport for 11 miles to two inconspicuous wooden signs, pointing left at Lakeside. The lake is not visible from Hwy. 101. There is a small County Park and our ferry, with boatman Keith Gardella, was waiting at the pier. The weather was perfect: blue skies and sparkling blue water for the 45-minute ride to the far end Easter Seal Camp. These 30 acres have been developed over the years by various service clubs and donations, and there were at times 72 handicapped young campers there. We walked up a gentle knoll to the sky blue tables and benches which camp caretaker Keith had placed in the orchard under well-pruned apple tees. He also provided a large jug of iced water and cups. Lunch, nature walks and sitting around tables visiting granted us a serene, relaxing three hours. We left at 2:00 to ferry back to our bus. At 3:00 we boarded to return via Florence. We stopped at the Gingerbread House in Mapleton where they served us promptly at 4:00 o’clock. We arrived back at the SEHS park blocks at 5:30. Leader: Rita Baxter.

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