Paulina Peak/Mt. Newberry Caldera

August 28-29, 1995

The weather was ideal as we drove through Oakridge, stopping at the Salt Creek Falls overlook for refreshments. We then took the cutoff to Chemult and stopped at the base of Mt. Newberry to pick up Judy Dobell. We climbed the mountain into the caldera and then by road to Paulina Peak. The view was great and the weather ideal. While there a ranger arrived to tell us buses were not allowed to climb the peak. We returned to the caldera floor, ate lunch by East Lake, climbed up on the obsidian flow, stopped by the Paulina Lake resort and then stopped at Lava Land Museum near Lava Butte. We spent the night at the River House Motel.

The next morning we circled into lesser known parts of Bend and arrived at the High Desert Museum at opening time. Judy Dobell, a docent at the museum, met us at the door and guided us through the Basque display and to other parts of the museum. Many thanks, Judy. The history display from the days of the Indians to late pioneer times was superb. We also viewed the raptors, the porcupines and the clever otter. After lunch in the parking lot and last-minute visits to the museum we departed via the High Lakes (Century Drive) road that takes one by Bachelor Butte and eventually to the Willamette Pass road. We stopped at the Oakridge D.Q. before reaching Eugene. We were particularly fortunate to have such good weather and such wonderful scenery both on the peak and in the great museum.

Riders were Rita Baxter, Mary & Richard Bentsen, Ingrid Carmichael, William Eaton, Carol Houde, Jean & Ray Jensen, Rosella Jones, Bea LeFevre, Dorothy Leland, Dody Leppmann, Clara Mersdorf, Robert Moffitt, Frances Newsom, Janice Pattison, Elizabeth Reanier, June Smith, Ethel & Robin Steussy, Alfred Thiessen, Marjorie Townes, Paula Vehrs, Mildred Weatherby, Caroline & Christof Wegelin, Vera Woolley and Margaret & (trip leader) Ewart Baldwin. Driver was Lee Cayser.

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