Peavey Arboretum

June 27, 1995

Our first stop was at the Peavey Arboretum for a short woodland walk. Then to Rickreall for a brief visit to the James Nesmith Cemetery adjacent to the Polk County Fairgrounds. Nesmith arrived in Oregon in 1843 and was an officer during the Cayuse War, was the Superintendent of Indian Affairs and a U.S. senator among other things. On to Linfield College for a tour conducted by Lisa Garvey. The trees, the buildings and especially the athletic complex were very impressive. We lunched at the quiet and nicely forested City Park in McMinnville. Then at 1:30 pm we arrived at the Yamhill County Museum in Lafayette, which consists of three structures: a) The Poling Church (circa 1890) with many nice displays; b) a barn with unprocessed items including a Surrey with a fringe on top; and c) the new two-storied log cabin built from local Douglas fir logs — a remarkable place both inside and out. Maxine Williams gave a most interesting talk focusing on problems in the construction of that building. She and other ladies were most gracious, and they served sponge cake and some iced drinks. We returned via the Chehalem Valley, Newbert and stopped at the now repaired Catholic Church in St. Paul. We were back in Eugene by 5:30.

Unfortunately many of our regular riders were ill, including coleader Mary Mallery. The remaining 23 (including seven nonmembers) missed them. Riders were Ewart Baldwin, Rita Baxter, Glendora Burbank, Ingrid Carmichael, Mary Lee Cheadle, Clair Cooley, Lucille Dodge, Bill Eaton, Margaret Fea, Rufus Franz, Jean Jensen, Jeannette Kimball, Mary McLaughlin, John & Lenore McManigal, Grace Miller, Janice Pattison, Virginia Prouty, Lois Sparkman, Phyllis Talus, Joan Teague, Cristy White and Ray Jensen (leader).

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