Crescent Lake

December 25, 1994

The number of non-traditional holiday celebrants doubled this year and were amply rewarded for doing so. Instead of cleaning, shopping, cooking, serving and washing dishes, I planned our trip, wrote the description, posted the sign-up sheet, answered questions on the phone, organized our group, collected the fees, selected our lunch spot and composed this trip report. This year there were 15 of us to enjoy the snow, the mountains, the lake and an occasional eagle. As one skier enthusiastically exclaimed: “We’re skiing on the beach!” This open area accommodates a variety of skill and endurance levels. Some skied on ahead and returned to join the main group for lunch. Others decided to stop for lunch early and then skied to the main lunch spot afterwards. Those with a need for adventure side-stepped up steep shore lines and savored the rush of skiing down. Because of a stiff southwest wind, I chose a lunch site that was partly sheltered by the trees but still in the sun. Although we were some distance from the water, the view was lovely. It was only near the end of our trip back to the parking lot that the clouds moved in from Diamond Peak and darkened the skies. My companions who made this such a delightful holiday outing were Mari Baldwin, Cathy Edwards, Bob Foster, Fred Foust, Josh Ladau, Bob Lemon, Van Likes, Jack & Lana Lindstrom, Helen Liguori, Marcus Lorusso, Eric Miller, Carol Stern and Sue Wolling. I don’t know how the rest of you spent Christmas Day, but wouldn’t you rather have been skiing? Anne Montgomery, trip leader.

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