Maxwell Butte SnoPark

December 10, 1994

When I originally planned this trip, I didn’t know that we would have the best early-season snow pack in years! Therefore, I had planned on leading a trip to Breitenbush Lake Road, which is usually ski-able even when the snow pack is pretty skimpy. When our group of 11 assembled to car pool, we decided that there was no need to drive for two hours when the skiing was just as good a short distance away, so we changed the destination to Maxwell Butte SnoPark. There was a couple of inches of fresh snow atop a plentiful snow pack as we headed out. We explored a few different loops of the Maxwell Butte trail system, which is relatively new, with picturesque trails through a combination of old growth and newly reforested areas. The trails are good, and new trails are still being added. The snow was deep enough to slow the hill descents to controllable speed. Some members of the group can testify that the deep, loose snow pack made it pretty tough to regain one’s feet after a tumble! Many thanks to Jean Ridone for his helpful pointers on improving ski technique. A good time was had by all — Jean Ridone, Vi Johnson, Bill Montgomery, Jane Hackett, Clare Tucker, Denise Sevigny, Susan & Ted Stumpf, Lynette Boone, John Pegg and Susan Sullivan, leader.

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