PAWN/Horse Creek Trails

December 10, 1994

Who hasn’t heard of Berry Medley Pie from Mom’s Café? Well, this trip was trail medley in the Mapleton area. North of Mapleton we turned onto a F.S. road from Brickerville to our first stop, the Mapleton Hill Pioneer Trail. It is two-thirds of a mile in length with historical stops providing a glimpse into earlier times. A question comes to mind: “How did they ever navigate such roads in this terrain?” PAWN Old Growth Trail was our second stop. This trail is ¾ mile long and has a selfguided brochure that provides details that could easily be overlooked. A large Douglas fir that has an ideal nest site for marbled murrelets, a tree cavity used by black bears and many trees representing a forest succession are just a few details to see. The trip, in light rain and some remains of snow at higher elevations, ended by hiking three miles on the Coast Horse Creek Trail. A section of the 14-plus mile trail system takes you out Scurvy Ridge. Those enjoying some new scenery were Mary Millman, Joanne Vinton, Margee Wright and Sylvia Harvey (leader).

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