Walker Mountain

December 3, 1994

Friday night there was a rumor snow would be on the valley floor on Saturday morning and we considered skiing Mt. Pisgah instead. But no snow, so we took off for Walker Mountain. There was deep snow at Hwy. 97, so we were not able to drive any closer than nine miles to the lookout. We left the cars not intending to ever reach the summit but just to get in a little skiing, but the conditions were absolutely perfect and we made good time with little effort and soon realized there was just barely enough time and energy to make the summit and get out by dark … So we put on a hard push for about an hour and reached the lookout. It was a sight and feeling that is truly special! We had an easy glide out and made it to the cars a full 15 minutes before dark. Ski-climbers were John Holroyd, Ginny Saunders, Sandy Poinsett, and Amy & Tom Donnelly (leader).

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