Marjorie’s Meadow

May 14-15, 1994

Jane Hackett, Dick Moffitt, Bill Montgomery and I (Ray Mikesell, leader) did a cross-country ski trip into Marjorie’s Meadow, which is at the base of Broken Top near the source of Snow Creek. We found the gates on the Three Creek Lakes Road closed at the upper parking lot, but we bypassed the gate by taking a four- or five-mile detour on a logging road, which brought us out near the end of the pavement, from which we drove to the Park Meadow Road. [Why the Forest Service has in the last three years kept this gate closed long after there was any snow on the road to the end of the pavement is something I would like to ask our Forestry members.) We carried our skis about a half-mile up Park Meadow Road to the old irrigation ditch on which we skied for about two and a half miles to the creek, where we had lunch, and then followed Snow Creek for another mile and a half to the Meadow. The snow was very good and the day beautiful. After putting up tents, Bill, Dick and I skied up on the ridge above Marjorie's Meadow (6900 ft.) to about 7500 ft. All the mountains were out and the snow was perfect for downhill skiing. Bill took off for a three-and-a-half hour trip around Broken Top, not returning to camp until after 8:30, while Dick and I got back about 6:30. Shortly after 9:30 we felt a few sprinkles and went to bed. In the morning we awakened to a snow storm with strong winds. We stayed in the tents ’til mid-morning, hoping it would die down … but it never did. We skipped breakfast and skied down to the creek, where we had brunch. Skiing on the ditch back, Dick and Jane were well ahead, while Bill stayed with me suffering my slow pace. When we got back to the car, our friends were not there. Bill went back to look for them and found them emerging from the ditch after skiing an extra mile or two because they missed the turn. On the way back we saw a pine marten and an owl. On another trip in this area a few years ago, a cougar crossed my path. Despite the bad weather on Sunday, everyone thought the trip enjoyable and worth doing. I hope to lead it again next year.

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