Odell Butte

March 20, 1994

As we drove up Hwy. 58 through the Willamette Pass area, it was snowing so hard that I thought we’d have to turn around and go home. But when we reached Odell Butte there was only a very light snowfall and even a small patch of blue sky. The previous night’s snow storm had dumped just enough snow to cover the bare patches on the road to the summit (I had feared we would have to walk half-way up). The weather improved as we approached the summit, and by the time we reached it the sky was clear enough to allow us a beautiful panoramic view of everything from Diamond Peak to the lava beds north of Odell Butte. The ski down was fast and fun! Skiers were Cheryl Berry, Rudy Brueggemann, Jane Hackett, Kristin Kaminski, Josh Ladau, Mike Landes, Anne Montgomery, Royal Murdock and Bill Montgomery (leader).

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