Berley Lakes

March 13, 1994

Ski touring is almost always fun, but seldom is it as idyllic as this tour of Berley Lakes. We had sunny skies, a congenial group, nearly perfect conditions, a clear day, and a lunch in the sun with a splendid view of Three Fingered Jack. After heading up the old Skyline Trail from Santiam Pass with minor route finding challenges, we arrived at Lower Berley a little after noon and climbed up the bank to the north where the aforesaid lunch spot appeared. After a lazy lunch we all practiced telemarking on the gentle slope below the lunch spot with the perfect snow affording a great deal of success to everyone most of the time. Then we headed off in the direction of Upper Berley Lake and found it, thanks to the memories of Glenn Meares and David Freudenberg. From the upper lake we headed straight back towards Jack and the valley containing the Skyline Trail through scenic open meadows and woods. The trip back had its usual thrilling descents first down open slopes, then along the trail, and finally down the last bit which challenged us all. Enjoying this ski trip were non-members Allen DeBuhr, David Freudenberg, Dave Garcia, Allison Major and members Richard Barrar, Dick Hildreth, Diane Jeffcott, Glenn Meares, Royal Murdock, Chris Steele and leader John Mowat.

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