Potato Hill

March 12, 1994

A warm and sunny day with spring snow waited for our group of six skiers at Jack Pine Road on Santiam Pass. Our plan had been to ski Hash Brown Loop, but bare spots showed on that route, so we headed for the top of Potato Hill instead. Mike and I have pleasant memories of snow play, skiing down, and up, the slopes of Potato Hill. That we hadn’t been there for many years was evident in the size of trees that now cover our once open runs. However, the mountains hadn’t changed and they gleamed down upon our sunny lunch spot. The return run was all too swift, even with an exploratory run on a side road. This gave us time to fully savor Mom’s pies and return home early. Wes kindly provided transportation for all six of us in his van, so conversation flourished between Genie Currier, Richard Heinzkill, John Pilafian, Wes Prouty, Mike Shirk and leader Velma Shirk.

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