Weyerhaeuser Road

March 6, 1994

Weyerhaeuser Road connects suburban Springfield with logging country south-east of the city. For a Sunday walk or bike ride, it provides a wide and reasonably smooth surface, no trafc, gentle hills and bosky views. Our route started at 57th Street, paralleled Jasper Road, crossed Wallace Creek Road, and ended at Hills Creek Road near Jasper. Along the way we stopped at a pioneer cemetery to read names and dates on mossy tombstones. Here, overlooking the river valley, we found a sunny spot for lunch, sitting at the feet of the early settlers who rest there. Our hike ended at the leader’s house for cookies and pop and then a shuttle back to 58th and Main, Springfield. Sunday hikers were Lynn Baizley, Melanie Clasen, Bob Foster, Mardi Klotz, Dorothy Krapes, Bonnie Manheim, Sig Otto, Jean Skinner, Carol Stern and Andrea Vollmer. Velma Shirk was the leader, and Mike Shirk provided shuttle service and served cookies.

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