South Loop Trail

February 26, 1994

I originally planned a ski trip to the top of Cache Mountain from the Ray Benson SnoPark. However, it was very balmy and mild as we began skiing. One minute it was snowing, and then it was raining. The sky was overcast and appeared threatening. The heavy, wet snow was sometimes difficult to ski in. Because of the weather and snow conditions, I recommended to our group that we alter our plans and not ski to Cache Mountain. We followed the South Loop Trail and stopped at the Brandenburg Ski Shelter where we ate lunch and dried ourselves by the stove. Josh practiced Telemark skiing on the open slopes. The wind picked up speed and we headed north around the loop and arrived back at the SnoPark moderately early. On our drive back to Eugene it showered quite heavily. Enjoying the challenging ski conditions were Carol Houde, Joshua Ladau, Bob Moftt and leader Dave Predeek.

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