Maklaks Loop

February 11, 1994

Best Maklaks Loop trip in 15 years! Twelve eager, congenial skiers started out on the Davis Lake Road, skied across the meadow and on up to the ridge. Here we had a long lunch stop enjoying the view, while some practiced downhill runs on the nearby slopes. Breaking trail on the way out for 2½ miles downhill on the old Davis Lake Road took longer than usual but we were out to the cars by 4:00 p.m., in time for a stop in Oakridge for refreshments. After weeks of poor snow conditions, 8" of new snow made this trip a delight for Doris Allen, Joshua Ladau, Helen Liguori, Andrew & Maura McIvor, Patty Neis, Marriner Orum, John Pilafian, Sharon Ritchie, Shelly Snow, Jan Spencer, David Webb and especially for the leader, Dot Leland.

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