Gold Lake

February 8, 1994

After a long, dry period, a few inches of new snow fell at Willamette Pass, so we headed there instead of the North Loop-Circle Lake-South Loop at Santiam Pass, our intended destination. We tried the Rosary Lakes Trail first, but it was bare and icy. We decided to take a few runs down the bunny slope at the downhill ski area. We had so much fun that we spent three hours there! Lara practiced here impressive telemark turns and Joyce practiced her less impresssive parallel turns. We had plenty of opportunity to perfect our herringbone technique as we climbed the slope again and again, It was a great aerobic workout in glorious sunshine on perfect snow! When we were too tired to continue climbing the slope, we skied to Gold Lake. The snow was perfect on the Gold Lake Road as well. It was a delightful trip, and gave us a chance to stretch our tired muscles. We met two skiers (and two dogs), the only people we saw all day. On the way home, just past the tunnel some trucks approached us with lights flashing. We thought there might be a wreck ahead. Sure enough, there was a hay truck overturned, and hay bales strewn across the highway. We arrived back in Eugene about 6 p.m., tired and happy. The two of us were non-member Lara MacDonald and leader Joyce Owen.

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