January 22, 1994

Fourteen drove off for the 8½ mile beach walk from Waldport to Yachats. Upon arrival at the starting point the tide was in and the narrow beach at Waldport was under water. Consequently, we began our walk at the park about ½-¾ mile south of Waldport. Rain was in process and one member decided that their car was more inviting than starting a hike. If you like heavy rain and rough seas for one half and strong winds and stinging sand for the other half, then the walk was ideal. Lunch was taken under the scenic beach low Hwy. 101 bridge at Big Creek. In fact I did enjoy the walk and I think most of the others did, too. We had difficulty keeping the group somewhat together, perhaps because of the conditions and hikers’ varying speeds. The walk allowed the introduction of two new Obsidians — Maura Conlon and Andy McIvor, two reactivated members, Dale and June Christiansen, and two non-members, Linda Swope and Jon Tesdell. Others (all members) included Doris Allen, Marty Hathaway, Sig Otto, Mary Millman, Rita Johnson, Rebecca Hansen, Teresa Fencer and Ben Jeffries (leader).

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