China Creek

January 19, 1994

Once more we left a cloud-shrouded Eugene with bonechilling dampness to find ourselves in the most beautiful 65-degree sunshine with blue skies overhead at the coast. The hike from Washburne C.G. along China Creek has some of the deepest green mosses and lichens imaginable, and the site name of China Creek makes the imagination flow to exotic places. [Does anybody know why the creek is called China? Mary Millman had a dramatic story about a beheaded settler at the spot — but why China? Please help!] The hike to the beach is easy and pleasant, and the beach absolutely perfect. We ambled slowly along the edge of the water and found it hard to return to the car, and could not get ourselves to return to Eugene but headed north to Cape Perpetua for a spectacular view of the glorious ocean. Glenn Meares had spotted the spout of a whale and we felt the need to explore for more, so we decided a tea-time stop at the lookout was in order. We did not exactly exert ourselves hiking, but did enjoy the sun and all the beauty around us, and we did indeed see the whales who seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did — just hanging around in good company. It was hard to leave! Everybody was game to stop at the promising building site near Yachats to follow the progress of dreams turning into reality, a very exciting process for me. Returning to Eugene felt like driving back under a roof at first, and then into the low hanging clouds, also called fog. However, in our hearts and minds we knew that the sun was their someplace above us. Participants were Leona Devine, Bep Fontana, Marty Hathaway, Mae Jackson, Glenn Meares, Mary Millman, Sig Otto, Gene Thaxton and Birgitte Williams (leader).

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