Deception Butte

January 15, 1994

Even in mid-Winter, Deception Butte offers a delightful hike. Our group enjoyed sunshine and encountered only one small patch of snow. One driver turned back at the two-mile mark because she was concerned that someone might break into her van (its door was stuck open). The leader promised to get the group back to the cars between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. to meet the presumably repaired van. Conditions on top of the butte were so splendid that none of us wanted to turn back down into the dark woods to go home. We had a sunny nap on the warm rocks and enjoyed the view. The trail bed needs a lot of repair. At times it slopes just like the hill it is cut into. There’s brush over-growing the trail. Little trees were planted in the logged areas inches from the trail. Down trees need to be cut away, etc. By scurrying unnaturally fast, the leader managed to get back to the cars by exactly 4 o’clock! Hikers were Rebecca Hansen, Madronna Holden, Mary Holbert, Helen Liguori, John Pilafian, Doug McGregor, Jon Tesdell and Susan Baker, leader.

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