Midnight Lake

January 11, 1994

Nine privileged mid-week skiers set out from Eugene at the civilized hour of 9:00 am. We picked up one more skier in Dexter, and arrived at Gold Lake Sno-Park before 11:00. The day was warm and sunny, and there was plenty of snow. We skied to Midnight Lake via the Pacific Crest Trail, had a reasonably leisurely lunch, and skied back via Otter Pond, through the woods, then a lovely glide down Deer Creek Road. After the leader performed a few minor auto repairs (tightened a nut on her windshield wiper and jump-started one of the other cars), this congenial, talkative and diverse group, which included a railroad hostler, pet sitter, civil engineer and school librarian among others, who ranged in age from college students through seniors, headed back to Dexter and Eugene. Skiers were non-members Jane B. Happy, Giles Healey, Carla Levinski, Kyle Merriam and Juliene Valentine, and Obsidians Leona Devine, Steve Johnson, Jean Ridone, Tim Verkler and leader Joyce Owen.

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