Big Lake

January 8, 1994

Seven Obsidians (minus six no-shows) left Eugene at 8:0 am on Saturday, January 8, for a ski trip to Fay Lake. But, at a rendezvous in Little Nash SnoPark, under pouring rain, we decided to go higher and went to Ray Benson instead. By 10:40 we were on the trail (South Loop) and arrived at Big Lake picnic area at 11:55. Unfortunately, Royal’s ski broke behind the heel plate, so we didn’t linger and returned to the cars via the Big Lake road. Royal had managed to tape up his broken ski with fiber tape and arrived at the parking lot well ahead of the leader who — as usual — served as “sweep”. Everyone (Cheryl Berry, Royal Murdock, Anne Montgomery, Joyce Owen, John Pilafian, Jean Ridone and leader Helmut Plant) was back in Eugene by about 3:30 pm. So why not schedule a later departure time, say 9:00 am? More people might show up!

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