Mt. Yoran

October 22, 1994

I had originally planned to go into Mt. Yoran along the PCNST, but as there was already a foot of snow at that elevation, I decided to go in from Hills Creek Rd. And it was a good thing, because this trail had been packed down by other hikers — at least until the lake below Mt. Yoran. Some of the group were content to have lunch there, but the peak-baggers among us could not resist trying the final mile or so through unbroken snow. And it was worth it! Those of us who’d done the Diamond View Lake trip the previous week could see where we’d gone (from the east end of Crescent Lake to the east end of Odell Lake). Joining me (Bill Montgomery) were Paige Boyle, Keith Christensen, Marilyn Goldbeck, Josh Ladau, Sandra Larsen and Jane Maynard.

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