Diamond View Lake

October 16, 1994

This is one of Jane Hackett’s annual trips. Jane had a sudden change in her schedule and asked me (Bill Montgomery) to lead the trip for her. The previous two days had brought an early snowfall to the Cascades, and so I was a little anxious that we might have to change our plans. But when I told the group that there might be snow on the trail, they seemed undaunted. When we arrived at the trailhead (near Crescent Lake) there was about half a foot of snow! I asked the group if they’d like to go elsewhere — because this hike is an 11-mile one-way (car shuttle) hike — but everyone seemed pretty excited about hiking in the snow … so off we went. I double-checked with everyone after about a mile, but I got the same enthusiastic response, so on we went. In fact, the snow made this hike just that much more beautiful. I only wished we’d all had skis because this would have been a rare opportunity to ski this route while the roads were still passable. The only people we encountered were hunters who had been caught in the previous day’s snowstorm, but who seemed to be doing fine. In fact, one of them had shot an elk, and its blood had dripped here and there in the snow. Joining me on this great adventure were Susan Baker, Cheryl Berry, Jim Fritz, Marilyn Goldbeck, Rita Johnson, Dave Predeek, Bill & Margaret Prentice, Ginny Saunders, Janet Toedtemeier and Joanne Vinton.

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