Mary’s Peak

October 9, 1994

The beauty of the diverse vegetation on Mary’s Peak revealed itself on this crisp fall day. Hemlock, cedar, fir and spruce made up the tree canopy with red vine maple one of the many under-story plants. Before coming out into the parking area on top, you can see a plant that has a fossil record going back into the Paleozoic. Most of its relatives were of tree size and make up the coals found today. This low ancient plant, Lycopodium, is 6-8 inches high and in the club moss family. The view from the summit was masked by a haze in the valley and clouds along the coast. Enjoying the 2,500-ft. elevation gain were Maura Conlon-McIvor, J. Scott Hovis, Gary Marx, Joyce Owen, and Sylvia Harvey (leader).

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