Finley Wildlife Refuge

October 2, 1994

The trip began with a bridge being out! We parked our cars, took the gear out of the trunk, and proceeded to walk across some boards to the other side. Once that was accomplished, we walked to our trail and completed the trip I had planned. Several of the marshes were very dry with dead fish. I had never seen the water so low in the refuge. Our group spotted fresh water “otters” and a “nutria” — animals that I had never seen before. (A nutria is similar to a beaver, with rabbit-like features.) The hike was pleasant. The fields along the trail had been plowed. We walked to a forested area, and after completing the two-mile loop returned to the marshy area. Our group had lunch on top of Pigeon Butte. Enjoying the peaceful view of the Willamette Valley on this warm, sunny day were John Pegg, Denise Sevigny, Cheryl Berry, Dick Hildreth, Janet Hall and Gary Marx, leader.

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