Linton Meadows

September 30-October 2, 1994

Only two people beside the leader signed up for this trip and one opted out. The weather outlook for the three-day trip was dismal since it rained Thursday, Sept. 29, and the forecast was for rain on the weekend. Bates and I decided about 8 pm on Thursday to go for it since there was a good chance of a fair day on Friday. We lucked out with three beautiful days. Linton Meadows is 9 to 10 miles in, depending on where you camp. We camped near the source of Linton Creek where we could get a good view of the South Sister. There were still some flowers at the source which, incidentally, gushes out from a rock wall in a 15-foot fall (sometimes there is a 30-foot falls). The meadows were magnificent and there were loads of huckleberries. On Saturday, Dan attempted to climb the Husband. I went with him up to the ridge, but I did not intend to climb. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the proper trail and did not get to the very top. He promises to do it next year. We roamed the meadows which stretch for more than two miles along Linton Creek and visited Eileen and Husband Lakes. I intend to lead this trip next year and hope more Obsidians will join me. Dan Bates and leader Ray Mikesell.

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