Traiangulation Peak

September 24, 1994

We had one no-show, but gained three at our meeting place including one who had missed connections with another hiking group. Three cars took 11 hikers to the trailhead, where we started hiking after 11 am. Near the base of the peak, some yellow jackets hurried along some of our group. We arrived at the site of the former lookout at 12:20 pm, and had lunch there. Our views of distant peaks were diminished by smog. We proceeded the short distance down to the Boca Cave. From one area, one can look out at Mt. Jefferson, beautifully framed by the cave entrance. Going back up the trail, we paused to look around and found that Mt. Hood could be seen very faintly through the smog. On the descent from the peak, one of our hikers apparently stepped too near the edge of the trail, but the strong hands of a fellow hiker saved her from sliding very far down the slope. Just after that, we proceeded by the yellow jacket nest rapidly but with caution. The rest of the hike out was uneventful. The last car left at 3:00. On the drive down to the Santiam Highway, we noticed the mountains were more visible. The smog seemed to be clearing out. Along on this hike to a very interesting place were non-members Ginnie Busey and Eunhee Chon and Obsidians Doris Allen, Dan Bates, Corinne Hunt, Ray Mikesell, Dorothy & Fred Munz, Hal & Joyce Owen and Norm Benton, leader.

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