Sunset Bay-Cape Arago

September 18, 1994

This trip was highlighted by an old car show set up on Shore Acres front lawn and the hundreds of just returned male sea lions at Cape Arago. The weather was foggy most of the day and views of the ocean were limited. The down side of this trip was a classic error made now and again by trip leaders. Sitting at Cape Arago eating lunch, having made good time, I decided we could add an extra to the trip and visit the South Slough Estuary visitor center and hike a short trail from there down to the water. I first sent Bill back for the car. We agreed to meet at Shore Acres in the garden. We arrived, walked through the garden to the book store: no Bill. I look at the parking lot and I don’t see my car. Since they are charging a $3 entrance fee, I decide we can save money if we go out to the entrance and catch him on the way in. Wrong. Bill sees the long lines to get in, parks the car in the street and walks into the garden and waits. We wait at the entrance; I hike back to Sunset Bay an hour later to see if the car is gone: it is. A deputy goes back to Arago and Sunset just to make sure I’m not blind. The options I’m offered: File a stolen car report; a locator inquiry; a phone call back to Eugene for a ride. We are into hour No. 2, numerous parking lot checks, and checks of the garden from the book store steps (you get a pretty good view from there). Finally frazzled, I’m making the phone call to some unfortunate Obsidian for the rescue ride, when for some reason I turn to look one more time at the entrance . . . and Bill drives through — what a relief! After comparing notes, Bill read the paper for a while, then stretched out on a bench. The view from the book store steps only works for the sitting or standing. Needless to say, no gas money was collected from our two companions. Participants were Valdas Anelauskas, Ralph Olive, Bill Montgomery and leader Jane Hackett.

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