Separation Lake

September 17, 1994

The day was warm and calm. Everything seemed perfect for a late summer hike in the mountains. Actually, it was far from perfect because there were bee nests everywhere. I knew things were bad when I saw this hole in the trail half a foot wide. As I passed by I looked down into the hole at hundreds of yellow jackets stiired up by the impact of my footsteps. I warned the others to detour around the nest and we continued on our way. After crossing Separation Creek another swarm of bees emerged from the ground. One of our hikers swatted and lost her glasses in the brush. She received many stings and we spent 15 minutes looking for her spectacles (which we found). We finally got to Separation Lake and ate lunch. Dick went swimming. On our way back there were more bees and more stings. Our 10 hikers received a total of more than 20 stings. We talked to a couple traveling by horse back. The horses stirred up a lot more bee swarms than we did, and one horse received about 20 stings. The horse riders turned around without going to Separation Lake. Well, I hope I haven’t bored you with all the bee stories! Fortunately, none of our people suffered any serious allergic reactions. The 10 participants — or I should say survivors — of this adventure were Doris Allen, Dan Bates, Eunhee Chon, Brigitte Cross, Sylvia Harvey, Dick Hildreth, Sandra Larsen, Ed Lichtenstein, Joanne Ledet and Dave Predeek (leader).

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