Larison Creek

September 17, 1994

Four happy hikers enjoyed a leisurely hike by the creek on a bright, sunny day. At a rest stop, Helen Liguori spotted a possible cougar in the trees. It turned out to be Rick Willmath, our most adventurous explorer. A comment left at the trailhead led us to believe that the water chute marking the small pool (our destination) was difficult to locate. Consequently, this group stopped for an early lunch at what was believed to be the small pool. Restored vim and vigor compelled us to venture on. Further up the trail, we found the real small pool. The spot was so beautiful that we spent considerable time there, each doing their own thing. Doreen Jones helped erect a small cairn to mark the chute for future trips. This hike was everything we expected, and more. The “more” was an unexpected outhouse located right on the trail for hikers to use. Although we found several possibilities, we were unable to identify the “twisted Yew trees” mentioned in our hiking guide. Hikers were Doreen Jones, Helen Liguori, Rick Willmath and leader Myrna Peterson.

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