Soda Creek/Green Lakes

September 4, 1994

Ten of us, six non-members and four Obsidians, enjoyed a 12-mile hike. The hike is on three legs of almost equal distance. The character of these three parts is greatly different. We entered at the Soda Creek trailhead and immediately began a four-mile upward walk through the forest. The only non-group members met were four riders and horses. The second leg is largely exposed as you wind along Broken Top and then down to Green Lakes. More hikers and one runner (twice) were encountered, yet reasonable traffic, great views on this portion. The last one-third from Green Lakes to Falls Creek trailhead first goes alongside a large obsidian flow, then 1½ miles of water falls and then the fast tumbling river turns into a meandering stream in meadows adjacent to the ending point. This last one-third had a large number of hikers, backpackers, climbers, walkers, strollers, two runners, more horses and dogs of all sizes and disciplines. It was Labor Day weekend! Many appeared to be out to cover one to two miles. The Forest Service personnel were very helpful: they remembered past Obsidian groups and mentioned that Vi Johnson would soon volunteer again with them. Our group included Dick Hildreth, Rita Johnson, Gary Marx, Rich Romm, Peggy Beamer, Valdas Anelauskas, Ginny Saunders, Jim Fritz, Bob Lemon and leader Ben Jeffries.

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