Three-Mile Lake

August 27, 1994

Cloud cover at the trail head and fog along the beach were the condition we found as we set out on the Three-Mile Lake Trail. Except where drifting dunes encroached upon the trail, hiking conditions were excellent. Huckleberries along the trail were plentiful but very small. ( I couldn’t help but wonder if one got off the trail, berries of better quality might be found.) By the time we reached Three-Mile Lake, the fog had pretty well lifted along the beach. So, after lunch, we hiked out to the water's edge and headed north along the surf line. There is a profusion of sea shell fragments along that stretch of beach but not many good specimens were found. Walking on the wet, packed sand was easy, but when we turned inland again to link up with the return trail, we had to contend with deep, dry, loose sand. Hence, that leg of the hike was very difficult to negotiate. To get back in the proper frame of mind for the trip home, we stopped at BJ’s in Florence for ice cream cones. Contented companions on this outing were Joanne Ledet, Maria Seufert-Loftin, Rosa Maria Seufert and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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