Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail

August 21-27, 1994

This year’s backpack was the first 83 miles of the PCNST in Washington State. We started on August 21 for a week at the Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River. The first day was one of great elevation changes, from 180 ft. above sea level to 3300 ft. We camped on a ridge that night with accompanying rain.

The next day we descended 2000 ft., and even though the rain had stopped our feet became soaked from the water dripping from the trail encroaching ferns. Actually, we were fortunate to have overcast weather the first two days, because on a hot, muggy summer’s day it can be really tiring for the grueling climb out of the Gorge. Several days of viewless saddles and seasonal creeklets (dry) went by before we entered the Indian Heaven Wilderness. Here were the first lakes of the trip. Lots of water and a welcome swim. Up until now, obtaining drinking water was a major concern.

The last three days were rewarding, with great views of Mt. Adams, St. Helen’s and Mt. Rainier. Also we passed through large wild huckleberry fields. They were ripe and so plentiful we could eat handfuls of berries as we hiked along.

We six backpackers “re-entered” society at the western edge of the Mt. Adams Wilderness Area with sore feet, tired legs and strained backs. Non-members Carl & Paula Moffitt Allen. Obsidians Rebecca Hansen, Alice Moffitt, Paul Newman and leader Dick Moffitt.

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