Crater Lake National Park

August 21, 1994

This bicycle ride around Crater Lake made a clock-wise circuit of Rim Drive, 35 miles of paved road. At our 8:15 a.m. start at Cleetwood Trail parking lot, the weather was delightful: sunny with little breeze, warm going uphill, chilly enough to don windbreakers at the tops before the faster, windy downhill stretches. The sociable group mostly kept together, watching George pull strongly ahead on the uphill portions and David sweep well out in front on the winding descents. After 25 miles, the ride dropped to its lowest point: on the south side at Park Headquarters and Steel Information Center, which offers drinking water and restrooms. This was a rest stop before the major climb of the route as the road winds up to regain the crater rim. We stopped for lunch at the Visitor Center which boasts a gift shop and cafeteria. From Rim Village the ride was mostly level for another 10 miles to the parking lot and our vehicles. Enjoying the magnificent views were: David Becker, Chris Grandy, George Jobanek, Anne Taylor and (trip leader) Truman Grandy.

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