Tam McArthur Rim

August 14, 1994

We set off in three full cars at 8:00 a.m. sharp. The weather was perfect, with a clear sky, but when we reached McKenzie Pass all the mountains were obscured by smoke! We met at the llama ranch in Sisters and then drove to the trailhead at Three Creek Lake. The leader acted as sweep, and assigned two experienced Obsidians to the front. They were sworn to wait at any trail junctions. We climbed steeply to the Rim through ankledeep dust. By the time the sweep arrived at the first junction, two members of the party had disappeared! I will not mention the names of the “leaders” who neglected to wait at the junction. It’s not considered good form to lose hikers at any time, but even worse — one of them had my lunch in his pack! We had lunch at the main spectacular viewpoint overlooking Three Creek Lake, Little Three Creek Lake and the Cascades. There was still a heavy pall of smoke obscuring the lower parts of the mountains. Several people shared food with the still-lunchless leader. While we were eating, the wayward travelers returned. Some people on horseback had told them we were behind them. They, of course, had thought we were ahead. After lunch we proceeded toward Broken Hand. There was still quite a bit of uphill, but we left the dust behind and crossed pumice fields and crushed lava. We crossed a large snowfield on the side of a steep ridge. The snowmelt pond at its base is the only water on this trail. The mountains loomed large. The Sisters and Broken Top seemed close enough to touch. But they were still enveloped in smoke. To the south we could see Tumalo Mountain, Ball Butte and of course Mount Bachelor. As we approached the rocky ridge just before Broken Hand, we saw fabulous lava bombs of all sizes. When we finally returned to the trailhead we had been on the trail about 6½ or 7 hours. That, coupled with the long drive, made for a tiring day. The tired and happy hikers were non-members Diana Camwell, Ted Christie (visiting from Australia), Bidyut Das, Bob Lemon, Rich Romm, Arun Toké and Obsidians Dick Hildreth, Bob Hill, Ray Mikesell, Hal Owen, Virginia Prouty, Velma Shirk and leader Joyce Owen. Drivers were Rich Romm, Ray Mikesell and Joyce Owen.

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