Oppie Dildock Pass

August 6, 1994

We arrived at Obsidian Camp trailhead about 10:00 am. The first leg was on the connector to the Scott Trail, where we encountered a fledgling Grosbeak and stopped to watch its antics. When we arrived at the PCNST junction we stopped to snack and enjoy the view. From there it was on the Crest Trail to Minnie Scott Spring and the Oppie Dildock viewpoint. Several in the group took a side-trip to view Collier Glacier — or what’s left of it. We continued on to Sunshine Camp whose meadow was mostly shades of blue and white. And then back to the Obsidian Camp trailhead, thus completing the loop about 5:30 p.m. The weather, which can be hot at this time of year in the exposed lava areas, was perfect. The group included a visitor from Osaka, Japan, and his sixth-grade son. At the end, when we told the boy he had hiked 25 kilometers, he replied: “No, more!” We all thought it had been a long hike, but worth it! (Useless statistics about this hike: It included two Richards, one Rick and one Rich; it included only one woman.) Participants were Dan Bates, Jeff Boersema, Maggie Gontrom, Akira & Motohiro Osaki, Helmut Plant, Rich Romm, Rick Strom, Richard Sundt and Richard Heinzkill (leader).

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