McKenzie River Whitewater Raft

July 24, 1994

The leaders were overwhelmed with the interest and immediate response and sign-up from the first announcement of this offering. We were looking for 20 participants and ended up with 37 before we could stop the sign-up! This was probably the first annual whitewater trek of a portion of the river. It included 13 beautiful miles of water from Blue River to Helfrich Landing. On the weekend of our excursion the daily high temperature reading dropped from 101° on Saturday to 71° on Sunday (our day!). Even though this was the coldest day in July and the McKenzie River water is always cold, most of the participants on this excursion said they would like to do another one if and when their skin color turned from cobalt blue to something more acceptable. It was cold that day but the excellent outfitter, Oregon Whitewater Adventures, did their utmost to make it a great day — and it was! The noon lunch was truly gourmet, served with fresh flowers and tablecloths. It could only have been improved by a hot beverages. (Next year . . .!) It is not our intention to embarrass anyone, so we won’t make a big deal out of Joe Lowry losing his paddle or the several people who ended up in positions or seats where they didn’t intend to be while going through Brown’s Hole and Marten Rapids. We will all do better next year!

Whitewater rafters were Michael Allender, Ewart & Margie Baldwin, John & Judy Borchardt, Larry Brown, Andy Brtis, Bernie Claypool, Judy Forell, Catherine & Laura Girardeau, Vi Johnson, Helen Liguori, Joe Lowry, Glenn & Nanci Meares, Ed & Elly Meservey, Chuck Mitchell, Lloyd Mutinsky, Cindy & Dan Otten, Susan Payne, Sally Quigley, Sharon Ritchie, Bob, Linda, Ruth & Sarah Saunders, David & Katie Titel, Clare Tucker, Anthony & Vernell Warner and Bea Fontana & Gene Thaxton (co-leaders).

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