Waldo Mountain/Salmon Lakes Loop

July 24, 1994

The group left the S.E.H.S. parking lot at shortly after 9:00 a.m. after waiting for a few no-shows. We reached the trailhead at about 10:30 and by 12:30 p.m. we were having lunch at the lookout on Waldo Mt. The weather was hot and as we sat at the lookout we saw clouds come in and for a while it looked threatening. The sky seemed to clear again, however, as we came down the trail and turned towards Waldo Meadows. From the meadows, the group headed south the short distance to Upper Salmon Lake, where we looked back up to the place where we had been shortly before. The Salmon Lakes Trail got us back to the trailhead at about 4:00, and we were in Eugene by 5:30. The trailhead is reached through Oakridge on F.S. Road 24, continuing about 12 miles on Road 2417, following it for about six miles; soon after it turns to gravel, a left turn on Road 2424 and four more miles of dusty driving brings the trailhead into view. Soon after the sign-up board the trail forks. The left fork is the Waldo Mt. Trail and the right the Salmon Lakes Trail. Waldo Mt. is about four miles and 2400 feet in elevation away. The overall loop (retracing the trail up Waldo instead of continuing down the east side) is almost nine miles. (Going down the east side and turning right onto the Wahana Trail to the Salmon Lakes Trail would add about three miles.) The views from the top are a suitable reward for the climb, and the rest of the walk is virtually all down-hill. Waldo Meadows is beautiful and the lake is a good place to stop and explore. Hikers were Obsidians Tim Verkler, Virginia Prouty, Richard Heinzkill, Rita Johnson and non-members Melinda Bruce, Edith Rech, Anne Turner, Mel Zavodsky and Joanne Ledet, and trip leader Jerry Casby; all hikers did well.

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