Rosary Lakes

July 10, 1994

Poor Dan Bates! He was kind enough to drive and ended up having to return home before starting the hike. On the way to Willamette Pass two female elk bounded in front of Dan’s van which hit one of the animals, breaking both hind legs. It managed to get away into the woods. A Forest Service ranger and a State trooper eventually showed up, and we were able to proceed. Dan’s van was messed up enough that he wanted to get it back to Eugene as soon as possible. We followed him to Oakridge and then the seven remaining hikers piled into Kathy Riddle’s Ford Taurus, rode to Willamette Pass and finally began the hike to Rosary Lakes at about 11:00 a.m. After lunch at the lower lake five of us proceeded to hike to the other two lakes and then along the Pacific Crest Trail to the Maiden Peak Trail and out to the Gold Lake Road, a total distance of 9 to 11 miles (depending on which trail signs one chose to believe). Parker and Rick ate a longer lunch and then returned to Willamette Pass and drove to meet us on the Gold Lake Road. The weather was fantastic (possibly a little too warm). The trails were in great shape. The lakes were beautiful, as expected. We solved most of the world’s problems — except OJ’s. Kevin Clark went ahead of us and hiked out before us as he needed to meet his ride home at 1:00 p.m. The rest of us arrived back in Eugene a little after 6:30 p.m., tired but contented. Guests accompanying us were Lucille Peterson and Rick Wilmath. Obsidians on the trip were Kevin Clark, Parker & Kathy Riddle, Tim Cook and leader Walt Davis.

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