Crescent Mountain

July 9, 1994

Twelve hikers set out on a clear, sunny day up the moderately strenuous trail to the Crescent Mountain summit. Hiker No. 12 was making his first hike since breaking his leg eight months previously. His destination was to get as far up the trail as he could and to just enjoy “getting out”. After a leisurely stroll to Maude Creek, approximately one mile in, the trail began its unrelenting ascent (2,200 ft. in three miles) through both cool, wooded areas and sunny wildflower meadows. From the summit we could clearly see the Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. A small Crescent Lake could also be seen far below. On the return hike through a variety of wildflowers, including beargrass, hikers were heard to describe the route variously as “a bitch” (for the elevation gain) to “fabulous” (for the views). At the trailhead we rejoined Hiker No. 12 who described his hike as “strenuous, but satisfying”. On Crescent Mountain were Hawke Williams, Barb Elsen, Linda Prefontaine, Anne Turner, Helen Liguori, Adam Hall, Brigitte Cross, Bill & Margaret Prentice, Carol Waddell, Kevin Clark and Sandy Moore (trip leader).

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