Shotgun Creek

June 29, 1994

This was originally scheduled as a hike to Horse Rock Meadow; however, the area has been recently closed to hiking so we went to Shotgun Creek instead, which turned out to be most satisfactory. The Shotgun Loop Trail is beautiful, following the creek through old growth for a time, then circling around to intersect with Meadow Loop Trail and then back to the campground. Most of the trail is in tall trees with an interesting interplay of filtered sunlight on lush undergrowth and water. We were back to the campground by noon for a very civilized lunch seated at one of the picnic tables along the creek. On the way home we drove up to view a wildflower meadow along McGowan Creek Road, almost to the east of the Coburgs. This area was probably the site of an early homestead. Happy hikers were Doris Allen, Gayle Berge, Gloria Ernest, Helen Liguori, Jo Loughary, Roger Nicholls, Allan Sorenson and leader Leona Devine.

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