Rebel Rock Loop

June 25, 1994

After ten years of leading the same ridiculously rude hike, the famous “Death March” has most of the rough spots worked out: We don’t get lost any more; no more experimental cross-country routes to hell; Ray Mikesell’s short cut coordinates smoothly with the cross-country group’s route. So, this year, for excitement I tried to mangle the party with rock fall on the rock climbing-gully section. The very embarrassed leader touched a “solid” lunch box sized rock that wasn’t! Bill Montgomery and others were successful in diverting “The Rock”, so no harm was done (no more comments, I just want to fade away!). As usual, we sprinted the first five uphill miles (don’t question tradition). John Englehart, as usual, had a good nap before the “fast” group arrived in 1 hr. 40 min. The rest of the group arrived in good time. We left the 5-mile junction at 12:30 and arrived at the base of Rebel Rock at 1:45 for lunch. Nice day, but clouds obscured the high peaks. Left Rebel Rock at 2:20, climbed to the top of Rebel Mountain, hiked down ridge to the outcropping viewpoint on route to rejoining the trail. A brief stop at the lookout, then we get to finish ourselves off with four miles of downhill trail to the cars. Arrived 5:30. Rebel Loopers are always great people, but this group was exceptional! A fitting tribute to the 10th Annual Body Trashing Audacity. Hikers were John Englehart, Jim Fritz, Kristen Kaminski, Josh Ladau, Ray Mikesell, Bill Montgomery, Karin Thompson, Tim Verkler and Ed Lovegren (leader).

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