Opal Creek

June 12, 1994

I am very pleased to announce that the bridge is fnally across Opal Creek (also, somewhat surprised, since just four days before I was told that it wasn’t!). Opal Creek wove its magic spell for us. After leading three trips in the rain, I decided on a June date rather than April. It worked (although we suspect the reason is that Rita, a chaplain at Sacred Heart, put in a good word for us). It was lovely. Everybody (15) elected to take the longer trail rather than go in to Jawbone Flats. We ate lunch overlooking Opal Pool in beautiful warm sunshine. Afterward we continued to the bridge site expecting to turn around. The “bridge” at this point is a 60 ft. ± log span 20 ft. above the creek with no rails. Everyone wanted to continue on, so we all crossed except one. I returned to stay with her telling my adventurous group to turn around at Beachie Creek. They went an extra ½ mile to the Franklin Grove (1,000-year-old cedars and a waterfall). They were very excited when they returned. The trip out was uneventful with sprinkles starting the last two miles. We stopped at the Gingerbread House for ice cream and chatter. My sincere thanks to a great crew for making it such a special day, and especially to drivers Doris Allen and Ray Jensen for almost losing their cars in some of the huge potholes! Non-members were Biduut Das, Arun Toke, Mary Schrieber, Allan & Karen Sieradski and Lyndell Wilke. Obsidians were Doris Allen, Leona Devine, Jim Fritz, Marty Hathaway, Ray Jensen, Rita Johnson, Bonnie Manheim, Royal Murdock and erstwhile leader Sharon Ritchie.

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