Finley Wildlife Refuge

June 11, 1994

Ours was a very pleasant ramble through the varied plant zones of the Refuge. We passed through fir forests, oak forests, open grassland, planted field and swamps. Nine chatting people can’t expect to encounter much wildlife, but we did see several types of birds, one snake and some elk tracks. Aside from an obvious Great Blue Heron, the birds we saw must have been very unusual because they did not quite match the descriptions in the bird I.D. books. None of our expert birders could agree on their species. The swamps had nothing swimming about, although a couple of our hikers were tempted to cool off in the shallow, scummy waters, but didn’t want to disturb the natives. Our lunch-time discussion, in a shady spot on the ground, centered on D-Day and on how to select a good hiking boot. One of our long-legged members found the pace a bit slack in the afternoon heat and by his example stimulated us all to walk vigorously back to the cars. We are all embarrassed to have lost two non-members three blocks from SEHS park blocks at the start of the trip: they never did find us! At Finley Wildlife Refuge were Mary Hulbert, Roger Nichols, Ed Lichtenstein, Sig Otto, Cathy Sullivan, Jan True, Marriner Orum, Nancy Young and leader Susan Baker.

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