Whittaker Creek, Clay Creek

June 1, 1994

In mid-week celebration of National Trails Day, eight of us joined BLM employee Dennis Smith to hike his two newly created trails. One, the Whittaker Creek Old Growth trail, winds up the hill from the Whittaker Creek campground and climbs about 900 ft. up to a ridge top of beautiful old growth firs and big leaf maples. The trail has interpretive signs of the varied flora one sees on the way up. The top affords a nice view of both the Siuslaw and the surrounding hills. A great picnic spot. The other trail starts at the Clay Creek campground and climbs through a north-facing slope of old growth trees and ferns. It’s a less strenuous hike, but also affords a nice view of the Siuslaw. All of us were really impressed with the quality of the two trails (the Clay Creek one is nearing completion) and with Dennis himself. By his own initiative, Dennis has started this marvelous trail building program. It struck all of us as a great use of BLM funds and labor (there was also a lot of volunteer help). These two trails are close to Eugene (about 35 miles, on the way to the coast) and make great half-day excursions. I encourage others to hike them (call me at 344-9075 for directions) and then write to the BLM to encourage them to support Dennis’s ideas for more new trails (addresses in the June Bulletin, or call me). Joining me (Bill Montgomery) were Jim Fritz, Kevin Clark, Velma Shirk, Ray Jensen, Virginia Prouty, Dallas Cole and Jane Hackett.

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