Castle Rock

May 21, 1994

A congenial group of five hikers set off for Castle Rock on this overcast but dry day in mid-May. The trailhead was cleverly disguised in the brush, but quickly located where Rd. 480 makes a hairpin turn by leader Sandy Moore. A delightful “trail less traveled” revealed early signs of wildflowers, including a couple of immature stalks of the Candycane Orchid, discovered by Ted Briles several years ago on one of his “honeymoon hikes”. After walking 1½ miles under the cover of large, old Douglas firs, we passed among the stone cliffs of the Castle Rock basement and then out into a steep, dry meadow dotted with manzanita bushes. From the tower of Castle Rock we had a panoramic view of the McKenzie River Valley, Cougar and Blue River reservoirs, and Tokatee golf course. We would have liked to have seen the Three Sisters and Mt. Washington, but Mother Nature was saving the sights for the following day. On Castle Rock were Blyth Carpenter, Gary Marx, Judy Sladek, Judy Forell and Sandy Moore (leader).

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