North Umpqua Trail

May 15, 1994

The Panther Section of the North Umpqua Trail starts at Steamboat (Mott bridge) and follows the river on the south side for five miles to Apple Creek bridge. This time we started at Apple Creek bridge and hiked west to Steamboat, using a car shuttle back. Wes picked me up in Roseburg and we were on our way. At Steamboat we met Ben and went on to Apple Creek. The weather wasn’t looking too good, but it never bothered us on the hike. We all thought it was a kinda nice trip with much to see: the river, flowers, ferns, moss, lichen, etc. Those making the trip — all members — were: Wes Prouty, Sig Otto, Ray Jensen, Melanie Clasen, Ben Elkus and leader Lloyd Plaisted. [P.S. — When Wes dropped me off home I remember hearing someone saying to him: “Are we going to stop at Rice Hill for something or other?” I wonder what that was all about?]

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