Dog Creek Indian Caves

May 6, 1994

Sometimes, the optimum combination of conditions occur, and the results are magic. Such was this trek to the hills overlooking the North Umpqua Valley. First of all, I find this rock shelter and its surroundings to be enchanting. The rock shelter is located at the base of a ridgeline cap stone. Pictographs on the shelter walls reveal that the indigenous people also visited this site. The rock of the cap stone has eroded into fantastic forms including a natural arch. The location’s beauty is heightened in early May by the lavender pink blossoms of the rare Kalmiopsis leachiana, the oldest plant of the Heath family. Fawn lilies, calypso orchids, striped coral root, trillium and hound’s tongue were also blooming along the trail. Another element of the day’s fortunate circumstances were my 11 companions. They were a congenial mix of old and new friends. Their cooperation and enthusiasm added to the day’s joy. The weather also made its contribution with sunny skies and pleasantly warm temperatures. A delightful breeze assisted our climb up the hill on our return to the trailhead. A special thanks to our three drivers: Dan Bates, Denise Breen and Russ Carpenter. The other friends who shared the adventure were Lynn Baizley, Blyth Carpenter, Kevin Clark, Ben Elkus, Dave McCanna, Marilyn & Royal Murdock and Judy Sladek. Leader was Anne Montgomery.

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