Gold Point

May 1, 1994

The Gold Point hike was a beautiful, exhaustive success. On meeting at the SEHS parking lot, we piled into two vehicles and proceeded to the trailhead, where we parked at a small park space that probably could fit three compact vehicles into it. The trailhead was clearly marked with signs. After gathering our equipment, we were off and walking. The trail starts off at a gradual uphill climb and is clearly marked. As we strolled along, and took in the sights, the climb became more challenging. There were switch-backs, fallen trees and debris, slippery spots, and low hanging branches along the trail. It was definitely not a hike for those looking for a leisurely stroll through the woods. Rita Johnson, being the faithful hiker that she is, showed the rest of us what strong will power and determination is all about. Susan Baker brought a walking (climbing?) stick, and used it so much it became part of her. As we progressed with the hike, I determined a good staff would have been a wise thing to have. Colleen Edgerton, a possible new member, was taken in by the whole experience of the hike and started reminiscing about previous adventures in another state. I would like, at this point, to welcome Colleen to the Obsidians. Now back to the climb (hike): at this point, as we neared the top, Gary Marx and I were trying to have an intelligent discussion, between trying to get our breath and wiping the sweat off our brows. After hopping over trees and 3.5 miles later, we reached a rock summit that sprouted with beautiful scenery and vegetation. The view was a tree laden valley that showed its share of clear cutting and replanting. After having lunch on the summit, we proceeded to head back down. As it is in most cases, the younger group — Amy, Brentt and Jay — cruised on ahead of us more seasoned hikers. Oh, the energy of youth! On Gold Point were Amy & Brent Foust, Jay Gairson, Susan Baker, Colleen Edgerton, Rita Johnson, Gary Marx and Fred Foust (leader).

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